A project , business and learner management tool was developed for a course provider and wholesaler in Birmingham

After extensive planning and design work, we provided the company with the means of managing their internal tasks and workforce. The platform we developed was also designed to allow third party organisations and users to be added to the system as a service.

Some of the features provided include, a kanban view, record view, file manager, scheduler ,user permissions, time tracker , activity logs and collaboration features such as messaging and video calling. A scalable API and database architechture was created to facilitate this with secure user and organisation authentication.


Additional services like server / database management and DNS, AWS, SSL and email configuration was also provided to get the get the platform deployed and running.


A learner management system was also included in this software as a independent module . This was planned to integrate with the Government LRS API to allow for details of learner records to be viewed and created on the system. This would then be used by educational institutions to manage learners,


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